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A gallery with an interesting heritage, a curious past, and an usual vision

Eleesa Dadiani is the director and founder of Dadiani Fine Art; a gallery with an interesting heritage, a curious past, and an unusual vision. Eleesa is part of a new generation of art dealers and visionaries making her mark on the London art scene and beyond.

Q: Tell me about Dadiani Fine Art, the heritage, the name – I understand there is a history.

House of Dadiani was a ruling dynasty in Migrelia, Western Georgia. They were made hereditary dukes in reward for their military service, which made it the most powerful family at the time.

I am proud of my history. My great grandfather’s father, Shalva Nikolaevich Dadiani and great grandmother’s mother Larissa, a noblewoman of Swedish descent had suffered as enemies of state under the Stalinist regime. He was taken in the middle of the night and executed. He was an intelligent, enlightened man – a natural enemy, a threat to the revolution. It was a cleansing of magnificent people and thus for a while, Georgia was depleted of great men and women along with their untold history. My grandmother and her mother were uprooted, from nobility to the disenfranchised. Larissa lived in fear, because the family of the enemy would by default be imprisoned or killed along side the enemy. She had no means as everything was seized, strangers inhabited their home, so she became a seamstress. My grandmother was a ballerina and danced for the big theatre, she remained noble in her manner, she’s 90 now so blood does carry the voice of history.

To name the gallery in our name, is to proclaim a history and it is a bid to keep it alight.

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